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What Type of Filter to Use for Central Air and Heat in Burbank?

Central air and heat in Burbank is a vital system. It has several components and one important thing you need to know is the air filter. 

Unfortunately, it’s an overlooked component. However, it’s a crucial part of the system that can affect the performance of the HVAC. 

If you need to replace it, though, what filter should you use? 


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You should not guess the best filter for your HVAC system. Instead, you need to talk to an expert. 

Keep in mind that an air filter’s main function is to clean the air before it’s circulated throughout the system. It traps particles and contaminants. 

If you don’t use the right filter, those foreign elements can enter the system and affect your health. 

Unfortunately, not all types of air filters can clean the indoor air with the same level of effectiveness. Of course, the higher-quality filter can remove more contaminants. 

When it comes to the filter’s efficiency, it’s being assessed through its efficiency reporting value or MERV rating. The higher the rating is, the more efficient it is in filtering those foreign elements. 

But, just because filters with high MERV ratings are better it doesn’t mean that you should pick them over the other options. 

Keep in mind that a higher MERV rating means the filter is thick and dense. But it also means that it can interfere with the airflow in your HVAC. 

Furthermore, a higher MERV filter can lower the effectiveness and healing of your HVAC. Plus, it could damage the system as it restricts airflow. 

Before you replace and buy the air filter of your central air and heat system, you should refer to its user’s manual. Or talk to HVAC experts to help you determine the type of filter that fits your system. 



No matter how effective and efficient the air filter is, if you don’t properly maintain it, then you can’t enjoy its efficiency for a longer period. 

For that reason, it is strongly recommended to perform air filter maintenance regularly. Keep in mind that dirty air filters are typically the main reason for HVAC system malfunctions.

Dirty filters can damage the equipment. Or they can reduce the airflow. 

Most of all, dirty air filters can’t effectively remove particulates and contaminants. In that case, these foreign elements will just spread in your indoor air. 

That said, you should check it every month. Then, change it every three months or when they get dirty.

You should make it a habit to inspect the filters every month to know whether or not they are already clogged or dirty. 

During the regular maintenance of your HVAC, the technicians will tell you whether or not the air filters require cleaning or replacement. 

And if they need replacement, the certified HVAC technicians can tell you where to purchase one and what type of filter to buy. 


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