AC repair service in Burbank

AC Repair in Burbank to Fix Your AC That’s Dripping

Do you notice that your AC leaks water inside? If you do, then it’s a sign that you need an AC repair service in Burbank

If you wait for too long before you have the AC repaired, the cost of repairing will be expensive. Worse, it might lead to replacing the entire unit. 

For that reason, if you notice a leak inside, you need to fix it immediately. However, before you fix it, you have to diagnose the cause of the problem. 


Call an Expert for an AC Repair in Burbank 

There are several reasons for an AC to be leaking water inside. Each reason has its own degree of severity. 

One thing to consider when diagnosing the problem is to know the temperature outside. Keep in mind that a hot and humid climate can cause the AC to work harder. 

However, if the outside temperature isn’t the cause of it, then it’s probably the dirty filter. If the filter is clogged and dirty, the evaporator coils can freeze causing a leak. 

On the other hand, if your air conditioning unit has been with you for a long period, then the condensation pan could have eroded. It could be the source of the drip. 

Another possible reason is the clogged drain pipe. This pipe is used to funnel the water into your AC. If it’s faulty or clogged, then it can cause water leakage. 

Or it can be that the refrigerant level is too low that the evaporator coils start to freeze. This, too, can be a source of the leak. 

However, if the unit is still new but it starts to drip, you might need to reinstall it. 


How to Fix It? 

You can start fixing it when you know the problem. But it’s not a DIY job. 

In that case, you should hire an AC repair specialist to fix it for you. 

Indeed, a leak outside is typically normal. However, if the water is coming inside, then you need to call a specialist right away. 

If you don’t repair it right away, you will soon deal with mold growth. 

Keep in mind that mold can be harder to spot especially if it’s behind the walls. After fixing the leaking AC, you should have the room tested for molds. 

Furthermore, a water leak inside can damage your walls, carpets, and floors. 

Therefore, a leaking AC must not be taken lightly. 

Thankfully, it’s easy to call a specialist to repair your AC immediately.


Choose the Best Company that Repairs AC in Burbank 

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