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Common Air Conditioning Issues You Must Be Aware Of

Air conditioning isn’t just a luxury in Burbank. Rather, it’s a necessity to survive, especially in the summer or hot weather. And if your AC isn’t working optimally, you may need to hire an AC repair in Burbank to fix it right away. You won’t enjoy the summer if your air conditioner won’t function. Since repairs are costly, you must maintain your AC so it’s always in tip-top shape. It’s also necessary that you know some of the common issues that your AC might face down the road. 

Dirty Filter Can Increase Chances of AC Repair in Burbank

You can avoid costly AC repairs if you clean the filter regularly or replace it once a month. Keep in mind that a clogged or dirty filter can affect the performance of your AC. Dirty filters reduce the flow of air. When that happens, it causes the unit to freeze. It also works harder than it should be. As it works harder, it shortens the lifespan of the unit. It also makes the system more prone to breakdown. To know how often to change your filter, make sure to consult your user manual. Some ACs require filter change every month or every three months. You can also check if it’s time for you to clean or replace the filter by using a flashlight. If there’s light passing through it, it’s still clean. If not, you should clean it ASAP. 

Leaking Refrigerant 

Refrigerant is one important component of your AC that gives you cool air. If the refrigerant starts to leak, you will experience hot air in your house, instead of a cool temperature. Finding the leak is difficult if you are not an experienced AC specialist. Thus, if you have cleaned the filter regularly but you’re still getting warm air, you need to call an AC repair specialist. Refrigerant leaks require proper evaluation and examination of your air conditioning unit. It means that you need to call an AC specialist to find the leak and repair it before adding freon. Keep in mind that adding freon without repairing the leak will not resolve the issue. Once the freon is out, your AC will blow warm air again. However, a refrigerant leak isn’t a common issue in well-maintained air conditioning. For that reason, you need to have your AC maintained by a trained AC technician. Call this number to schedule an appointment for regular maintenance: 818-214-8525

Broken Capacitors

Capacitors are vital for the motor in your AC to work. Without them, the compressor and fans will stop working. In other words, your air conditioning unit won’t give you cool air. There are various capacitors inside the AC. You don’t need to know them all. Just call an AC repair specialist to fix them for you. 

How to Schedule an Appointment with a Specialist? 

If you need an AC repair Burbank, simply call American Clean Air and Heating. We offer a free estimate and we can handle commercial and residential air conditioning units. Talk to us here 818-214-8525.