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Reducing Central Air and Heat Consumption

Central air and heat can have unpredictable cost. To understand the cost, check your unit’s power rating. It can tell you the power it utilizes under perfect condition.

Unfortunately, the number is inconsistent. The reason for this is that there are factors that can affect the efficiency of your unit. Then again, there are ways to reduce your central air and heat power consumption.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Your air conditioning must run only when it is needed. It is one of the smart ways to reduce power consumption.

To help you with that, choose to install a smart thermostat that you can program it to command your AC not to cool when no one is around that room.

air and heat

Some new thermostats can program themselves. In other words, they can schedule themselves over time without your input.

Most smart thermostats aim to help you in saving energy.

Keep Everything Clear

It means that the ducts and airflow are clean and clear. Your unit will utilize less power if it is not struggling against a blocked airflow.

Thus, keep your vents clean to make your unit run more efficiently. Furthermore, ensure that your room layout does not have anything that can block the vents.

Minimize Solar Heat Inputs

When the sun comes up, any object that it touches can heat up, including inside part of your house. To reduce solar heating, you must close your curtains on windows that are facing the sun.

You may also use thermal liners on those curtains. They are beneficial in reflecting the heat back out of the window. Another way to cut UV rays is to install window tint.

Then, plant some trees around your house. Trees can provide proper shade that keeps the house cooler. Or you can paint your house with a lighter color, which reflects solar energy away.

Your attic must also be properly insulated so the roof can properly absorb the heat.

Use Fans

They are beneficial in circulating cool air. But turn those fans off when no one is around the room. Since it does not cool anything, in this situation, it only consumes electricity.

Lower Humidity

You must also eliminate excess humidity in your house to have a more comfortable temperature. When you use a dehumidifier, set your AC around 78 degrees. Your body can withstand some extra degrees if the air moves around.

Maintain Your Central Air and Heat

Anything requires maintenance. Your body needs maintenance by eating a proper diet and going to your healthcare provider regularly. It is also the same with your AC unit.

Central air and heat requires regular cleaning. Our technicians at AC Repair Burbank will clean all of its components while fixing its electrical connections. They can also replace any worn parts to help the unit operate more efficiently.

Regular maintenance can maintain your unit’s original efficiency by up to 95%.

There are other ways to reduce your central air and heat power consumption. To know more about them or schedule a regular maintenance visit, contact us at (818) 214-8525.