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AC Repair in Burbank: Is It a Leaking Refrigerant?

Our AC repair Burbank service has handled several issues about air conditioning. AC unit is a complex machine. That’s why we do not recommend troubleshooting it on your own.

Most AC repair issues are the result of either faulty installation or insufficient maintenance.

Leaking Refrigerant

One of the common problems of AC that our technicians have dealt with successfully is leaking refrigerant. Leaking can cause low refrigerant. Furthermore, it could be that it was undercharged when it was installed.

AC repair Burbank

If you think that your AC’s refrigerant is leaking, it is ideal to call our professional technicians. Keep in mind that refrigerant consists of harmful components. And they have to be fixed quickly and carefully.

What are the Signs that Your AC’s Refrigerant is Leaking

When your AC loses its cooling power, it is likely that the unit’s refrigerant is leaking or low.

Refrigerant is vital in the cooling process. Its job is to absorb the heat from your house. Then, it releases that heat outside. If your refrigerant is insufficient, it can take longer to cool the place.

No Cool Air

It is another sign that there is an AC refrigerant leak. Check the vents and find out if it is blowing cool air. If it is not, then it could indicate that there is an HVAC refrigerant leak.

Hissing Sounds

These sounds could mean a variety of issues. And one of those issues is a refrigerant leak. Having a larger leak could create a gurgling sound.

High Electric Bills

A refrigerant leak does not only affect the comfort level in your house but it also affects the thermostat, causing it to use more electricity.

Consider reviewing your utility bill. If there is an inconsistent number compared to last year, then it might be time for you to investigate and the refrigerant leak problem fixed.

Should You Refill It

Many HVAC companies in Burbank would simply refill the refrigerant to fix the issue. However, it is not always the proper way to solve the leaking.

The reason for this is that if there is leaking, the refrigerant level could still go down after refilling it and you need to refill it again.

You may also think that using a sealant can help the leak. But it is a quick-fix that can cause more harm than good. The reason for this is that sealant can block and damage your system.

Now, the question is how should you fix leaking refrigerant.

Call Our AC Repair Burbank Technicians

A lack of cool air is one of the signs of a refrigerant leak. However, there are plenty of reasons for having insufficient cool air. It could be that the filters are just clogged and they require replacing.

For that reason, it is highly suggested to call a reputable AC Repair Burbank team to investigate the problem. Our company has the right equipment for detecting leaks quickly. If there are small leaks, we will repair the leak first before refilling it. Give us a call today to get a free quote (818) 214-8525.