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Is Your New Air Conditioner Energy-Efficient?

An air conditioner consumes a lot of energy. But not if you heed the advice of the AC installer in Burbank to install an energy-efficient air conditioning system. Having an energy-efficient appliance can significantly reduce daily power consumption in your house. An air conditioning unit utilizes more energy when it’s summertime. That’s why it’s ideal that you only choose a highly efficient AC so that you won’t be struggling to pay for your utility bills in the summer. 

AC Installer in Burbank Recommends Choosing an AC with at least 14.5 SEER

SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. You’ll find this information in your unit’s manual. This ratio measures how an AC converts electricity into cooling power. But what number should you look for when evaluating the AC’s SEER? To meet the ENERGY Star requirements set by the US Department of Energy, you must pick an air conditioning unit with at least 14.5 SEER. In that case, don’t buy an air conditioner that has a lower SEER. Now, if you have an existing AC at home with a lower SEER, you might want to consider replacing it. Talk to an AC installer specialist to help you find the right unit for your house. But the SEER number is just a piece of the puzzle in reducing your utility bills during summer. Keep in mind that even though you have a unit higher than 14.5 SEER, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s energy-efficient. There are several factors that can affect the unit’s energy efficiency. Age, for one, is a factor that can affect the unit’s power consumption. If it’s more than a decade old, then expect it to eat a lot of energy causing your utility bills to go up this summer. In addition to the age of your AC, how you maintain the unit will also affect the air conditioning power consumption. If you have a new AC, it doesn’t mean that you can skip its regular maintenance. The newer unit still requires filter change once a month. However, the “once a month” frequency is just a general recommendation. It depends on your usage. Some units can operate optimally without replacing the filter every month. But you do need to clean the filter once a month. You also do it more often than once a month if you have pets at home. It’s easy to clean the filter. Replacing it doesn’t require the assistance of an AC specialist. Filter replacement is necessary. The main function of an AC filter is to stop particles from infiltrating your rooms. But it won’t function effectively if it’s clogged. If it’s too dirty, it won’t work the way it should. Hence, as part of regular maintenance, you need to either replace or clean it. Check your user’s manual to know how often to replace/clean the AC filter. 

Do You Need an AC Specialist to Maintain an AC? 

Yes. You may be replacing the AC’s filter once a month or as recommended by the manufacturer. But it’s not enough. There are other parts of the AC unit that need maintaining or cleaning that you can’t do on your own. Know more about how to maintain your new AC by calling our AC installer Burbank at (818) 214-8525. We offer free estimates.