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Is AC Installation Free?

Living in Southern California means that you have to endure the heat and humidity throughout the year. Having an AC at home can make your life more comfortable. If you’re planning to buy an AC, you might wonder whether or not air conditioning installation in Burbank is free. 


Is Air Conditioning Installation in Burbank Free? 

The cost to install an AC in your home isn’t free. The price can vary widely depending on the type of the system and the conditioning of your home’s air ducts. In addition to the actual installation of the AC, you also have to pay for an evaluation. This is necessary to know the best type of AC for the room where you wish to install the air conditioner. 

What are the Factors the Determine the Cost of AC Installation? 

There are a variety of factors to consider when knowing the overall cost of installing an AC. One factor is the square footage. The larger the area, the more robust and customized system is required. Then, there’s the level of comfort. Do you wish to cool your entire home or keep the AC on half of the time? Other factors would include home efficiency and your desired efficiency. You also have to consider your noise requirements and the type of system suitable for your home. 


How Much Will It Cost to Install a New AC? 

If you are planning to install a central AC, the price can start at around $4,500. It can also go up to $8,500. If you have a ductless system, the price can start at $5,000. It’s the minimum cost though. It can still go up depending on some factors. Compared with a central AC unit, the ductless is more expensive to install. However, the ductless system has countless benefits. For instance, it lets you control the temperature of each room of your home. 


What is the Price Tag for Installing a New AC with Existing Ductwork? 

If your home has existing ductwork, the overall cost of insulating a new air conditioning will be less expensive. You can spend around $4,5000 on a new system when your house has existing ductwork. Then again, this figure is just an estimate. You will know the actual cost of air conditioning installation when our specialists have already checked your house. 

air conditioning installation Burbank

Consult with an AC Installer 

Before you even purchase a new AC for your home in Burbank, it’s ideal that you consult with our specialists first. Keep in mind that not all air conditioners are suitable in your home environment. There are factors to consider to determine the right AC for your home. We recommend consulting with our AC experts so we can schedule a pre-installation evaluation. 


An air conditioning installation in Burbank can be expensive. It’s not free. But it can improve the quality of your life in your home knowing that the new AC has been installed properly by a professional. Call our specialists today to schedule a pre-installation evaluation: (818) 214-8525