Central Air and Heat Burbank

Does the Central Air and Heat Need to be Serviced Each Year?

You may want to put off calling an HVAC technician to service your central air and heat in Burbank. After all, you didn’t notice anything wrong with it. But routine maintenance is vital. Just like car maintenance, central air and heat maintenance can prevent expensive repair in the future. Here at American Clean Air and Heating, we recommend to our clients to have their HVAC serviced once a year.

Why the Need for Maintenance of Central Air and Heat in Burbank?

  • You need to maintain your central air and heat because you want it to operate optimally which can result in maximum energy efficiency.
  • You also need this service because it enables you to know the potential issues of the system and take appropriate measures before they get worse.
  • You should also consider it because more problems with HVAC are invisible. That is, you’ll only see the warning signs if the problems are severe.

Central Air and Heat Burbank

Is Central Air and Heat Maintenance Once a Year Sufficient?

It may be sufficient for some systems. Once a year is enough if the system is still new. However, if it has been more than 5 years, you may need to have it maintained twice a year. But it still depends on the assessment of a professional.

When is the Best Time to Have it Serviced?

The best time is before you need the system the most.

  • For the heating system, you need to schedule service in the fall. If you don’t, it may break down in the winter when it’s in demand.
  • For the AC, though, the best time is spring. At this time, the HVAC professionals aren’t busy. Thus, you can schedule it at your leisure.

What is Involved in the Maintenance?

Heating Maintenance

It involves inspecting and testing the furnace. If necessary (it always is), the furnace is replaced. The technician will also look at the exterior and ventilation system to find signs of wear. Then, the professional will measure the electrical components to find out if the system is using unnecessary power.

Checking your home’s thermostat is also part of heating maintenance. Then, the tech will test any carbon monoxide leak and ensure that the ventilation and piping are clean.

Cooling Maintenance

During air conditioning maintenance, the technician will check the following:

  • Indoor and outdoor components
  • Coolant levels
  • Circuits
  • Safety controls
  • Drain line
  • Electrical components
  • Filter
  • Thermostat

But just because you have it serviced by a professional it doesn’t mean that you ignore cleaning the system’s filter. It’s one of the simple tasks that you can do on your own every few months. Apart from cleaning the filters, you also need to ensure the outside unit is free of obstructions.

Increase the Comfort and Safety of Your Home

To make sure that your home’s environment is safe and comfortable, you need to schedule maintenance for your central air and heat in Burbank every year. Call us to get a free quote or schedule its maintenance: (818) 214-8525.