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Can AC Coil Leak Be Repaired?

An air conditioner has an evaporator coil inside that absorbs the heat in the home. It uses a refrigerant gas to cool the home and transfer the heat outside. It may sound simple. But anything can go wrong inside, such as the evaporator coil starts to leak. Can an air conditioning service in Burbank repair it? Continue reading to know more. 


Air Conditioning Service in Burbank: Can You Repair AC Coil Leak? 

American Clean Air and Heating offers different air conditioning services, including AC coil leak. Sadly, the evaporator coil is the most common area in the air conditioner that suffers from leaking. The reason for this is that the AC vibrates while in operation causing the fins to put a hole in the tubing over time. Of course, there are other reasons why an evaporator coil leaks. 


What are the Symptoms of an AC Coil Leak? 

There are several ways to tell whether or not there is a leak in the coil. One is that you will notice your AC takes too long to cool. If it does cool the air, the airflow feels weak. If you suspect that there’s a coil leak, you should contact our AC repair specialists to figure out the problem. Keep in mind that if your AC no longer gives you cool air, it doesn’t always mean that there’s an AC coil leak. Other issues might have caused it. When you hire our repair specialists, we’ll investigate the matter to identify the cause of why your AC takes too long to cool. 


Should the AC Be Replaced or Repaired? 

If there’s indeed an evaporator coil leak, our repair specialists will recover the refrigerant gas first. The refrigerant gas is poisonous and it has to be handled properly. Our technicians utilize the right requirement to recover the said gas. Then, after recovering it, they will solder in a new coil. In other words, the evaporator coil has to be replaced to fix the AC coil leak. 


Can You Add a Sealant to Fix the AC Coil Leak? 

It’s not the most ideal solution in this situation. Although there are sealants that can prevent or repair leaks in the AC system, it’s not the best solution for this issue. Adding a sealant can be cost-effective. But it doesn’t work all the time. The sealant may only work on small leaks. Even so, there’s no guarantee that it will work. 


Do You Need to Buy a New Coil to Fix the Leak? 

As mentioned, if there’s an AC coil leak, the best option is to just replace it. Purchasing a new coil may cost you more money compared to adding a sealant to the leak. However, once the coil is replaced, the leak will go away. 


air conditioning service Burbank

Call an AC Repair Specialist 

AC coil leaks can be avoided by having your AC maintained regularly. With regular maintenance, our technicians can check any issues and fix them right away before they get severe. To schedule a repair or maintenance, please call our air conditioning service in Burbank at (818) 214-8525