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Hire an AC Installer to Install Another AC on Your Second Floor

If the second floor of your house is hotter than the other parts of the house, it might be time for you to add a new air conditioning unit upstairs. But before you decide, make sure to consult with an AC installer in Burbank. In that way, you will know the ideal unit to buy that fits the second floor of your house. 

Talk to an AC Installer in Burbank to Add Extra AC 

The size of the room where you install the extra AC matters. Keep in mind that installing a bigger AC will only waste your money on your electricity bill. The reason for this is that the wrong sized unit will only burn up your energy bill. You don’t have to measure the size of your house. The AC installer will do it to properly determine the right size that fits the room where you’re going to install the new unit. 

What Other Ways to Cool Down Your Second Floor? 

In addition to adding an extra AC, you may follow these tips: 


By adding extra insulation to your attic, you’re preventing heat from seeping in. What type of insulation to install will depend on the size of your attic. An AC installer can also recommend it. 

Reduce Use of Appliances

If the second floor of your house is hotter than the ground floor, then check what appliances are being used. Limit the use of appliances that generate heat, such as ovens, stoves, hairdryers, and curling iron, among others. 

Change the AC’s Air Filters 

You might have extra AC on the second floor of your house. If it’s not enough because the upstairs is not as cool as the ground floor, then you should check the AC’s air filters. A dirty air filter can block cool air. In that case, it can’t cool down the second floor the way you want it to be. 

Use Blinds and Shades 

Natural light is vital for your well-being. It helps the body in producing vitamin D, which is paramount for your circadian rhythm. Unfortunately, though, the sunlight can give out additional heat. Thus, if you want to cool down your second floor, you may choose to close the blinds or add shades that can effectively block sunlight. You may also opt to use heat-blocking shades. Make sure that you seal all holes, gaps, and cracks around the windows. In this way, the cool air won’t leak out. 

ac installer Burbank

Add Another AC 

Adding a new AC to your second floor is the best option. Your home might be too large for your current AC. Thus, upgrading to a larger system might be what you need to cool down your second floor. However, as mentioned, you must avoid installing too big or too small AC. If you do, the upstairs might be too cold or too warm. 

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