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Does your AC Blow Out Warm Air?

Your air conditioning unit should give your house a cool, comfortable temperature during summer. However, if the AC starts to blow out warm air, it’s time to talk to an expert for an AC repair in Burbank. But before you call a specialist to check it out, you might want to do these things first. 

What To Do Before Calling AC Repair in Burbank

Clean the Air Filter 

An air filter can be blocked. If that happens, it can no longer blow out cool air as the dirt blocks airflow through your AC system. If your AC uses AC uses disposable air filters, they are only up for 90 days. But if you’re using it throughout the day for weeks, then you should change the filter before the 90th day. And if you have pets at home, you may need to change the filter more frequently because it gets dirty even faster. 

So, before you call for the help of an AC repair specialist, make sure to check the air filter first. It can be the main reason your AC is blowing out warm air and not cold air. But, after you have checked the air filter but it’s still blowing out warm air, you might consider checking the thermostat. 

Set Thermostat Correctly 

You might think that you have checked your thermostat correctly. But you have to check it again to ensure that it is set to the right temperature. This is especially true if other people in your house might have adjusted it. If it is not set up correctly, the AC can’t give you the temperature that you want. Set the thermostat to cool or auto so that AC cools the indoor air while its fan circulates it. 

Check the Outdoor Unit 

The AC draws a lot of power to operate. If there’s a power surge, it can affect the outdoor unit causing it to trip the circuit breaker. Thus, if your AC isn’t blowing out cold air, it can be the circuit breaker. Furthermore, if a technician recently worked on your unit, it could be that he might have turned off the outdoor unit while performing his work and forgot to turn it back on. 

Get Rid of the Weeds 

If your AC has an outdoor unit, it releases heat. It requires ventilation on its sides. Go outside and check if the condenser has one foot of space around it. If things are crowding the unit, make sure to remove them. Pull any weeds if there are any or trim back shrubs or hedges that grow against the equipment. 

AC repair in Burbank

Hire an AC Expert 

After following those tips but the AC is still blowing out warm air, it might be time for you to consult with an AC expert. The expert will physically check your unit to find the real culprit. It could be that the refrigerant is leaking or the condenser is failing. Talk to our AC repair in Burbank today to find more solutions to your AC (818) 214-8525