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Is Having Bigger Furnace Better?

Furnace service in Burbank, CA can ensure your home’s furnace is properly maintained. But furnaces won’t last forever. They’ll break down eventually. And if they fail, they require replacement. When that day comes, you might be thinking of purchasing a bigger furnace. You assume that bigger is better as it can warm up your house quicker. But is this true? 

Bigger Furnace Means Calling Furnace Service Burbank, CA More Often 

Getting a more powerful unit might not be a good idea as it would likely cause more issues. And if the bigger furnace faces problems, it will need frequent repair. Thus, before you even think of buying a new furnace, make sure to consult with an expert.


Here are the reasons an oversized furnace is a bad idea. 

Uneven Heat Distribution 

When your furnace is bigger than you actually need, you may complain that one area of your house heats up more quickly than others. This is a common issue, even if you have well-balanced furnaces. However, the issue becomes more significant if you’re using oversized equipment. 

Less Energy-Efficient 

An oversized furnace heats your home less efficiently. The reason for this is that it doesn’t reach its peak levels until it has reached the warmup phase. Bigger furnaces will quickly push the house’s temperature to levels that can satisfy your thermostat and then it will shut off. In other words, it just heats the space and shuts off again quickly. It won’t reach its peak efficiency level.

Shorten Lifespan 

Unfortunately, a furnace that cycles off and on quickly won’t help its longevity. It only shortens its lifespan. In that case, it will fail sooner than the right-sized furnace. It will strain the heat exchanger. As a result, you’ll need to repair it often. Sometimes, replacement is your only option when the furnace becomes beyond repair. 

furnace service in Burbank CA

What Should Be the Right Size Furnace for Your House? 

It depends on your house’s square footage. That’s why it’s ideal to consult with a furnace expert to help you determine the right size and model to purchase. When looking for information about your house’s square footage, it will be helpful to refer to the home’s blueprint. But you can just measure the rectangles on every floor of your house. 

However, when you contact our furnace specialists, they can help you measure your home’s size and determine the right furnace size. Apart from the home’s square footage, it’s also vital to consider the climate. Our specialists will calculate it for you when they visit your house to assess it. 

In addition to the square footage and climate, there are other factors to consider in determining the right size of furnace to be installed in your house. It’s tricky to compute them on your own. Schedule a furnace service in Burbank, CA today to determine those details needed to help you buy the right-size furnace for your house. Talk to us at  (818) 214-8525 and get a free estimate.