AC Repair in Burbank

FAQs About AC Repair in Burbank

If you own an air conditioning system for your business or home in Burbank, then pretty sure you have questions about this system. This post will answer some of the frequently asked questions about AC repair in Burbank. 


How to Ensure That I Won’t Call an AC Repair in Burbank Often? 

An AC repair may be necessary once a year. However, if you are not properly maintaining your system, you will likely call an AC repair specialist more than once a year. 


But you can prevent it from happening if you have it serviced regularly by a professional. Regular maintenance can help you avoid paying for costly AC repairs. 


It also prolongs the life of the system. 


Regular upkeep doesn’t always mean you need to call a professional to maintain the system for you. There are ways you can do to avoid costly AC repair. 


For instance, you can keep leaves from gathering in your outdoor unit. 


You should also ensure that no objects are blocking the ductwork and air grills. Opt to use blinds on windows to prevent heat from entering the house in the summer. 


How Often to Have My AC Serviced? 

As mentioned, having it serviced once a year is recommended. However, it still depends on how you use the system. 


Schedule a consultation with our specialist to determine how often your system needs to be serviced. 


There are factors to consider here. The age, usage, and size of your system must be considered to know how often it requires maintenance to ensure it keeps running reliably. 


Can an AC Control Humidity? 

Humidity that’s too high or low can affect indoor air quality. It can also result in mold growth. 


The AC in your house or building can keep the air at 40 or 60% relative humidity. One way to remove humidity from the air is to use the heat generated by the system. 


If your house or building is too humid or dry, our technician can set your humidistat properly. 

AC Repair in Burbank

How to Lower Energy Costs? 

Fifty percent (50%) of your building’s or home’s energy consumption is utilized by your AC. In that case, it’s only logical to find ways on how to ensure your system uses less energy. 


One way is to upgrade your AC unit to a machine with a high-efficiency rating. Each dollar you have invested in energy efficiency can improve your ROI. In other words, upgrading your unit can pay for itself. 


You should also perform an energy audit. This will help you assess your usage needs. Choose to install a programmable thermostat to lower AC usage when it’s not needed. 


Most of all, you need to make sure that your system is cleaned or tuned up regularly. A dirty system will work harder to give you the results that you want. But it also uses more energy. 

Do you have other questions about AC repair in Burbank? Our team of experts is here to answer them all. If you need an AC repair, you may get a free estimate from us by calling 818-214-8525.