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AC Repair in Burbank to Resolve AC Bill Spike

When you stay home during summer, the only way to help you relax is to have an active air conditioning unit. But this is also the time when homeowners are getting a huge spike in their AC bill. If you experience this, too, perhaps, you need to hire an AC repair Burbank company. 


AC Repair in Burbank to Look into the Causes of a High AC Bill 

If your AC is working efficiently, it doesn’t cause a huge spike in your electric bill. It’s not expensive to run an AC as long as it is properly maintained. 

Although AC uses a lot of electricity, it’s still an energy-efficient machine that doesn’t cause a high electric bill. However, if it loses its efficiency, that’s when the problem comes in. 


The dirty air filter is one of the reasons for an AC bill spike. Replacing your air filter must be done every month or as required by your AC’s manufacturer. Air filter replacement is vital to avoid building up of debris. 

If the air filter is dirty, it restricts airflow causing it to take longer than usual in cooling down your home. Because of its increased run times, you will get a high electric bill. 

AC repair Burbank

You can choose to use a reusable filter that you can just clean off or you can opt for a replaceable one that you need to change every month. No matter what you choose, you need to clean or replace it as recommended. 


Leaks in the Duct

Ductwork plays a role in the efficiency of the AC. If there’s a leak in a duct, it reduces the entire system to distribute air. If your AC is taking too long to meet the thermostat’s requirements, then it will run harder causing a high electric bill. 


If this is your case, you can’t handle it on your own. Rather, you need to call our AC repair specialists to handle the issues properly. We offer fast service to ensure that you get a high-quality AC and bring back the comfortable temperature in your house. 


Failing Parts 

Your AC has motors, compressors, and capacitors that can fail at any time if they are not properly maintained. If one of these parts failed to operate, it causes a high electric bill. The failing part can cause the entire system to work less efficiently. 


It has to be repaired as soon as possible to avoid your AC from breaking down. Keep in mind that if the failing part is untreated, it causes the motor to run longer, causing a spike in your electric bill.



All AC units are using refrigerant. It is used to transfer heat. If your AC is running low on refrigerant, then the entire system’s ability to remove heat efficiently will be reduced. 

Normally, your AC will not run low on refrigerant. It only happens if there’s a leak in the coils and line sets. You can’t just add refrigerant to the unit, though. Our professional technicians are required to add refrigerant. 


However, before adding it, our AC repair Burbank specialists will first examine and diagnose the issue. If you wish to resolve your AC’s issue, please call our team at (818) 214-8525