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AC Installer in Burbank Performs AC Tune-Ups: But Are They Worth It?

Tune-ups are necessary and they are worth it. It’s one of the reasons our AC installer in Burbank performs such maintenance procedure to ensure that our clients’ AC will not cause a high electricity bill. Tune-ups are also vital to lengthen AC’s life. 


Indeed, there are several tasks that you can easily do on your own without hiring our AC repair service. However, you should only work with our AC installer experts to ensure that the tune-up procedure is completed sufficiently. 


What are the Things You Can Do Alone without Hiring our AC Installer in Burbank

As mentioned, there are tasks that you can do alone to lengthen your AC’s lifespan and to ensure that it works adequately all the time. 

Changing air filer doesn’t necessarily need the help of our AC installer. It is part of your AC maintenance. Your AC’s air filter can accumulate dust. And filthy filters decrease your AC’s efficiency as it restricts airflow. That’s why you need to change it every month or two. It depends on your manufacturer’s instructions. 

AC installers in Burbank

However, you might need to replace it every month if you or one of your household members suffer from allergies. It’s also necessary to change it every month if you have a cat or a furry pet in your home. 

You should also maintain your lawn around the exterior part of your AC. Make sure that there are no weeds or bushes two to three feet from your AC system. We highly recommend having free space in those areas. Any leaves or twigs that dropped in your AC must be removed to prevent them from impeding airflow. 


AC Professionals Can Do the Rest 

Those tasks are the ones that you can do alone without the need of calling our AC professionals. The other tasks in maintaining your AC must only be done by a professional. 

For instance, if your AC requires electrical connection adjustment, then you should call our AC Repair in Burbank to perform this task. Our team will first examine your equipment to know whether or not adjusting the connections is necessary. 


We also keep all moving components working properly. Our team will apply oil to those components to ensure that they won’t breakdown easily. 

Our professionals will also flush the drain line to clear the leaks. Keep in mind that leaks can create molds and cause obstructions. 


The goal of tune-ups is to prevent any future problems of your AC. Keep in mind that most problems of AC can be avoided throughout proper maintenance. And if your AC does require repair, it’s usually costly. That’s why we recommend our clients to schedule AC maintenance to prevent any further problems. 


Preventive maintenance is vital to ensure that your AC is always in good shape. It’s ideal for longevity. Furthermore, any issues that our pros can detect can be fixed immediately before they get worse. 

Our team of AC installers in Burbank consists of licensed experts. We’re well-equipped to handle any issues related to your AC. Call us to schedule your preventive maintenance: (818) 214-8525.