AC service in Burbank

Why an AC Service in Burbank Performs Maintenance

When inquiring upon our services, a lot of customers ask us what exactly we mean when we say air conditioner maintenance. After all, when they look for AC service in Burbank, they usually need either installation or repairs. So what is maintenance? Well, maintenance is the way by which we check on air conditioning systems and make sure that they are working correctly and that they will continue to do so in the future.

AC Routine Cleaning

You don’t really think about this a lot, but your air conditioning unit accumulates a lot of dust and debris while in use. After all, your AC will take in air from either the inside or the outside and cool it before returning it back into your home. This means that the air conditioning mechanism is bound to catch particles that could be found in the air. These will gather upon the vents, which could potentially harm the whole air conditioning system. In the interest of protecting your air conditioner, maintenance involves cleaning up the vents and making sure that nothing gets caught up and hurts the mechanism. Even when you yourself clean up the vents, you might not be able to get to every necessary nook.

AC service in Burbank


Just like with any other apparatus, an air conditioner shows wear over time. This is simply a reality of what most mechanisms experience. However, this wear can be very gradual, meaning that the actual effects of the problem may not manifest anytime soon. Instead, the issues just gradually go at it for days and days on end until, suddenly, the air conditioner breaks apart. This, however, can be avoided through fine-tuning and maintenance. It’s much easier to fix little problems than bigger ones, obviously, which is why simple attention to detail during maintenance can be good in the long-run. Fine-tuning will make sure that the whole thing keeps working optimally on a daily basis.

Preventing Future Problems

The main purpose of our AC service in Burbank, however, is to make sure that future problems with your air conditioner are avoided. Since you don’t want to have to pay for costly repairs or complete overhauls of your AC system, it’s always a much better call for maintenance to prevent further problems. Through maintenance, you are constantly keeping your AC in good shape, which is already good for its longevity. At the same time, any problems that could be spotted in advance can be looked after during a routine maintenance session. This dual attack on potential problems will help extend the life of your unit and keep it in optimal shape.

AC Service in Burbank

At American Cool and Heat, we specialize in repairing any malfunctioning of heating and air conditioning equipment all across the Los Angeles area. This is why we can predict and prevent possible issues by way of maintenance. Our team of licensed experts is well-equipped to take care of it with our AC service in Burbank. Our customers know they can always count on us to take care of any unfortunate occurrences with their AC system. Give us a call at (818) 214-8525 if you find yourself in need of a repair and we’ll be right there.