air conditioner in Burbank

The Best Options for Cheap Air Conditioner in Burbank

July 2019 broke local temperature records for Southern California, which has been a reminder to just how important it is to have a good air conditioner in Burbank. However, we know that something as important as AC has come to be seen as a bit of a luxury for a lot of people. This is understandable, given how much getting one can cost, to say nothing of the daily use itself.

Window AC vs Central Air

However, it’s good to know that there are ways to get an air conditioner without actually breaking your bank. In order to determine what actually works for your budget, you need to consider the options available. The two main options tend to be window units and central air. Now, if you are looking to have an air conditioner installed in Burbank, let’s go over the possibilities.

air conditioner in Burbank

Window Units

Apartments all across Burbank have window air conditioner units, especially the smaller ones. These are ideal for one-bedroom and studio apartments because of their limited air distribution capacity. Additionally, they are a lot less expensive to use than your regular central air systems. Since they are smaller and require less power, they will become a lesser weight on your energy bill. These usually top at around 14.44 kWh of energy consumption. If you run these for eight hours a day and use the average national cost of kilowatts per hour, 13.2 cents, you can calculate the estimated monthly cost of use for window AC units. This means you will be looking at a cost of around $46 each month for running your window air conditioner. 

Central Air Systems

Central air systems, on the other hand, use ducts to distribute cool air all over a specific space. These are commonly considered more efficient and effective than window units, especially when it comes to larger spaces, particularly because of their ventilation systems that allow for cool air to properly and evenly be distributed across rooms rather than focusing on a specific spot. However, these do consume more energy than window units, usually placing around 3.5 kWh. If we once again use the average national cost of kilowatts per hour, 13.2 cents, and assume you use the system eight hours a day, it will cost you around $3.70 per day, so a bit over $110 per month. This will, of course, vary for larger spaces.

Air Conditioner in Burbank

Our objective here at American Cool and Heat is to make sure you can always enjoy a pleasant living environment at your own home. That is why we make sure to set you up with the air conditioning system that is best for you and the place you live in. Whether it’s a smaller space that could benefit from a small window unit or an apartment with several rooms, we will make sure that you are content with the results. Give us a call at (818) 214-8525 if you find yourself in need of a repair and we’ll be right there.