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Reasons Your Air Conditioning in Burbank Smells Rotten

Your air conditioning unit does not produce any bad odor. However, if it starts to smell musty, then it probably requires service maintenance. Call our professionals in air conditioning in Burbank today. 

air conditioning in Burbank

Is It Normal? 

The putrid smell coming out of your AC unit is not normal. In fact, it is one of the obvious reasons you need to call an AC repair. Here are some reasons it smells bad when you adjust the temperature to a cooler setting. 

Frozen Coils Air Conditioning in Burbank

Your air conditioning unit absorbs the warm indoor air. Then, it removes the humidity from the air to cool it and cycles it back through the vents. With this type of process, it is important to have free-flowing air. That’s why you need to have clean air filters all the time. 

Unfortunately, you can prevent the dirt and debris to accumulate through the filters. But you can stop them from blocking the air through regular maintenance. 

If the dirt and debris block the airflow, the blockage will cause water vapors from indoor air to accumulate in the evaporator coils. As a result, the water droplets freeze. Your unit will continue to cool the air through the refrigerant. 

You must change the air filters in your house once every two months. But it depends on how you use it. In some cases, filters must be replaced every month. The only way you will find out how often you need to change its filters is when you talk to our AC repair specialists. 

Extra Moisture in Vents 

If there is excess moisture accumulating in the air ducts and vents, it can cause musty odor. The reason for the moisture accumulation is when there is a high humidity level. If that happens, mold and mildew can grow in the ductwork. 

You should have it checked by a professional. Mold exposure can be toxic to your upper respiratory health. It can exacerbate your asthma, if you have. 

To avoid it, make sure that you call our HVAC technician ASAP. Our professionals will clean the ducts and vents. Your AC may also need repair to completely eliminate the musty odor. 

To prevent mold and mildew formation, you may install a home dehumidifier. It will be connected to the HVAC system. The role of the dehumidifier is to remove the extra moisture from the air. 

You may schedule your air conditioning tune-up with us. Our professionals can fully clean the AC unit to ensure that it will no longer smell musty. 

A yearly inspection is also necessary to clear the drain line and evaporator coils. Our professionals can also identify if there are any mold or mildew issues. 

Are You Using the Right AC Size? 

In some cases, the musty smell is the result of the wrong unit size. If it is too big for your house, the air cycles throughout your home quickly. The air is not dehumidified completely causing the excess moisture. 

That’s why before you purchase air conditioning in Burbank, make sure that you consult with our professionals. Call us today for your inquiries: (323) 673-3107.