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Is It Effective in Reducing Heating Cost If You Lower the Temp by 1 Degree?

The real cost of heating depends on various factors, like window selection, insulation values, furnace, and duct efficiency, among others. If you spend more time at home than you usually would, then don’t be surprised to see your utility bills. You might have heard of a trick that can help in reducing the cost of central heating in Burbank. Is it even effective?


Lower Temperature of Central Heating in Burbank by 1 Degree 

You can try lowering the heating temperature by 1 degree. It’s most likely that it will lead to a savings of more than $50 a year on heating costs. According to this article, “For every degree, you turn down your thermostat (and leave it there) you save between 1 and 3 percent of your heating bill (not to be confused with your gas bill if you have a gas dryer, range and/or clothes dryer).” 

But lowering the temperature by 1 degree is just one of the ways to make your home energy efficient. There are other things you can do, such as the following: 

Program the Thermostat

You can make small changes to your thermostat. Save 10% a year if you drop the temperature down 7 to 10 degrees for 8 hours a day. With a smart thermostat, there’s no need for you to turn down the temperature every time you go out. The smart thermostat will make the change for you. Surprisingly, thermostats are affordable. 

Shut Doors in Some Rooms

Do you have rooms upstairs that you don’t use? Go ahead and shut their doors. But you’re wondering how shutting the doors can help in lowering heating costs? Simple. When the door is shut, the heat will stay in the room. In that case, the HVAC system won’t keep pumping out warm air. 

Open Blinds 

That is when the sun comes out. You’re not only lowering the heating costs but you’re also letting the vitamin D in. The sunlight can give you serious heat. If the house is already warm, the heat doesn’t have to kick in. However, when it starts to get dark outside, make sure to cover the windows again to keep the cold air out. 

Replace Filters 

Filters matter to your HVAC. You might not want to deal with them but you have to. Replacing the filters according to the manufacturer’s instructions can help you save money on heating costs every month. How often to change it will depend on the brand. Check the instructions on your user’s manual. 

Wear Warm Clothing 

When you wear warm clothing indoors, you won’t be too keen to crank up the heat. So wear those thick PJs and warm cozy socks. Drink your favorite hot beverage to keep you warm. 

central heating in Burbank

Saving on Heating Bills 

There are other ways to save on heating bills. Consult our experts in central heating in Burbank to know more. Or schedule heating maintenance at (818) 214-8525