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Is DIY Central Heating Repair Dangerous?

You may be handy and you have repaired some of your appliances on your own. Now, when your central heating in Burbank breaks down, you might be tempted to repair it yourself. DIY is typically the first resort of many homeowners because they want to get their system back without paying for a technician. However, a DIY repair may resolve the issue but it can also be dangerous. 


Why You Should Not DIY Repair Central Heating in Burbank

DIY repair on your central heating is never a good idea. You may save money by not paying a technician to do it. However, the savings you get will put the equipment at risk of failure. 


Your central heating is complicated equipment in your house. If you touch the wrong component, it can cause electric shock. In addition to electric shock, a fire can start when you mishandle natural gas. It can also explode. And if you don’t use the right equipment in repairing the system, the repair may cause a carbon monoxide leak. Thus, you should not risk it. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, it’s better to consult with an expert and allow a technician to repair the system safely. 


There are times when the heating system goes back to normal after a DIY repair. But you’re not done yet. The repair may result in the system running inefficiently. Because you’re a newbie, you don’t know how to ensure optimal airflow. You might have adjusted the thermostat incorrectly. There are various ways the heating system will run inefficiently after a DIY repair. And if the system operates inefficiently, it causes your utility bills to go up every month. 

Warranty Void 

It’s one of the dangers of DIY repair. When you read the fine print of your central heating, you will find that the manufacturer will void the warranty if the repair isn’t conducted by a professional. You don’t want to risk it by saving a little cash. Opt to hire a technician who knows what he’s doing to get the system up and running again. If you DIY it, you could end up paying more for repair or replacement. 

Indeed, there are dangers of repairing the system yourself. But there are things that you can do on your own to ensure that the system stays in great shape. 

  • Clean the unit. But not the entire unit. Instead, you can clean the outside unit by removing dirt, leaves, and twigs that can cause clogging. 
  • Change filters. It’s easy. You may need to do it monthly, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation. 

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Leave the Rest to the Professionals

Common repairs should be done by professionals. you should not attempt to repair your central heating in Burbank by yourself if you don’t want to experience those dangers mentioned above. Let the repair be handled by expert hands. Call us today to get a free estimate or schedule an appointment: (818) 214-8525