How Much Does It Cost to Install Central Air by AC Repair Burbank?

Having central air conditioning at home can improve significantly the quality of indoor air. If you are planning to install a central air system, make sure to contact AC Repair Burbank for an estimate. Typically, the cost can be from $3,000 to $7,000. However, you can save a lot of money if you hire an AC Repair Burbank. You can further reduce the overall cost by scheduling the installation during the off-season. Or you may use rebates or tax credits.

Fix Moist Problems

During the summer season, the heat can be annoying. What is more frustrating is that during this time, your fan is not enough to cool you down. For that reason, many homeowners opt to install a central air conditioning system. However, the cost of the installation is one of the reasons many homeowners are letting go of their plan. Then again, you need to keep in mind that the price tag can vary, depending on your location and the kind of system you wish to install. That’s why before you decide not to install it, make sure to contact our AC Repair Burbank experts to give you a proper estimate.

The AC Unit

The price of the AC unit is just one piece of the overall cost of the central air system. Apart from the unit, you need to pay for air duct installation or modification, as well as pre-installation evaluation. At AC Repair Burbank, we give our clients a free estimate to reduce significantly the overall cost of the installation. During the pre-installation evaluation, our AC Repair Burbank experts will tell you how much heat your house gains in a day and the size of the AC will keep the setting cool. Typically, the load calculation is a part of a home energy audit. The assessment includes identifying air leaks and other problems that might increase the overall cost of running an AC. Generally, an energy audit will cost hundreds of dollars. However, AC Repair Burbank will offer a
free estimate and discount.


After the load calculation, our team will check the system in your house where the AC relies on. Our experts will ensure that the systems can handle your central air. If you have old ducts, they are not likely to handle the airflow of a modern AC unit. Hence, they
might need replacement. Furthermore, your property might not have enough space to operate a refrigerant line. Upgrades
and modifications to handle the new system will increase the overall cost. But as mentioned earlier, you can grab huge discounts when you contact our team at AC Repair Burbank. Once the evaluation is over, it is best to find the right AC unit. Our central air conditioning team will help you choose the right type of unit for your property. You may be intimidated to install your central air conditioning by a professional because of the overall cost. However, if you opt to have it installed by someone who is not an expert, then you are likely to encounter future problems that might increase the overall cost of the installation. If you wish to reduce the installation cost of central air conditioning, make sure to call our AC Repair Burbank team for a free estimate at 818-214-8525.