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Does Humidity Affect Central Air and Heat in Burbank?

During summer, excessive humidity can make the room feel hotter. In that case, humidity does affect the efficiency of your central air and heat in Burbank


If the humidity is too high or low, indoor comfort can be difficult to achieve. That’s why many HVAC systems now have humidifiers and dehumidifiers to maintain adequate humidity levels. 


What’s the Role of Humidity in Central Air and Heat in Burbank

The air conditioning unit removes heat and moisture from the air to give your house a cool temperature. But if there’s excess humidity, the unit will work harder than it should. 

Now, if the air conditioner doesn’t have enough cooling capacity, it can’t give you a cooler temperature because of the high humidity level. In that case, your house will not feel comfortable. 


The AC must be able to eliminate moisture from the air. But if there’s too much humidity, the system can’t cope. It means that it can’t cancel out the heat from the air so you will feel warmer while inside your house. 

central air and heat Burbank

How to Remove Excess Humidity? 

The best way to cope with excess humidity is to install a dehumidifier in your HVAC system. It’s an appliance that can eliminate moisture from the air. It can work with your AC as it lets you adjust the humidity level of your house. 


When the humidity level in your house is kept in check, your AC unit will do its job more efficiently. The indoor temperature will feel cooler. It may also help in reducing your energy bill because your AC wouldn’t work harder than it should. 


Does it Affect Heating? 

Having low humidity in the house can also affect the temperature in your house. Keep in mind that humidity goes down in the winter, thereby, dropping humidity inside the house. 

If the humidity is too low, it makes your house feel cooler in the winter. As a result, your furnace will work harder just to give you a more comfortable temperature. 


To alleviate this situation, you will need to install a humidifier. You will need this appliance during winter to avoid the humidity in the house to go down significantly. This appliance will add moisture to the air to make the house’s temperature feel warmer. 

It will also help in lowering your electricity bill. 


What Humidifier or Dehumidifier to Buy? 

The importance of these two appliances can’t be overstated. However, you will need to install the right devices if you wish to give you and your family the right temperature during winter and summer. 

When you call our AC repair Burbank team, we can assist you in finding the right humidifier and dehumidifier that can work with your current HVAC system. Keep in mind that you can’t just purchase any humidifier, for instance, without considering its size. It has to fit and work with your existing central air and heat. Otherwise, it still won’t solve the underlying issue. 


If you need further help in resolving extra moisture or low moisture in your house, please call our central air and heat Burbank experts. Call us at (818) 214-8525.