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Choosing an Air Conditioner for Your Apartment

Are you moving to a new apartment in Burbank? Does it have an AC installed or do you wish to buy a new unit? Either way, you should contact a company that offers air conditioning installation in Burbank


Talk to an Expert Before Carrying Out Air Conditioning Installation in Burbank 

An AC isn’t like a smartphone. You don’t need an expert to know what’s the best model and brand of phone you need. Simply check the specs of the phone and compare them to your needs. 


An air conditioner, on the other hand, is available in different types. Even though each brand and model has specs that you can read, you may still not get the right AC. The reason for this is that choosing an AC is a complicated task. There are many factors to consider. 


For that reason, it’s always ideal that you consult with an expert installer to know the best air conditioner that suits your apartment. You may check out the information provided by the US Department of Energy to better understand the types of AC. 


If you need to cool the entire apartment, you may consider a ductless mini-split system. It has more power and can cool larger areas evenly. However, the price of this type of AC can be disappointing.

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Should you Go with a Window Type or Through the Wall? 

The better option will depend on your needs. If you’re cooling an individual room, you may opt for a window type. It’s more affordable than the wall AC system. It’s also easy to install and it suits a single room. 


However, if you want to cool large spaces, then through-the-wall AC type is the ideal option. But it’s only ideal for windowless rooms. 


It’s confusing because of the many options available on the market. But talking to an expert will help clear things out. Our consultants here at American Clean Air and Heating will guide you in choosing the right air conditioning unit that suits your needs best. 


They can better advise you on the type of AC that you need depending on the shape and size of the window. Whether your windows are standard, slider or casement, our experts are here to assess your situation. 


Before you purchase a unit, schedule a consultation with our experts. They can visit your house to measure the height and width of your window. Then, they measure the square footage of your room or apartment to know the best size of AC that will keep the room cool. The measurement will also tell how powerful the unit must be. 


If you choose to install a through-the-wall unit, you may need to ask permission from your landlord. This type of AC unit is harder to install if you choose to do it on your own. However, if you hire our expert installers, the job will be done in no time. 


Contact Our Specialist Today 

Our air conditioning installation in Burbank is just one of the services we offer here at American Clean Air and Heating. Besides installation, we only provide repair and maintenance for all types of AC. Call us for more details: (818) 214-8525.