Central Air and Heat in Burbank

Central Air and Heat in Burbank to Properly Distribute Air Throughout Your Home

Does your house have hot and cold spots? If it does, then the air isn’t balanced. But you can fix it by calling an expert central air and heat in Burbank

When you call an HVAC technician, he will test and adjust your system to balance the air in your house. Balancing will ensure that your HVAC will produce comfortable air throughout your house. 



In some instances, you can do air balancing yourself. For instance, closing and opening your register can be a DIY job. It involves setting your thermostat to an ideal range and leaving it at that setting for 24 hours. If you find that some areas are too cool, you can adjust the vents. Adjust the setting in small increments to help you find what works for your comfort. 

Another thing you can do is to check its filters. Keep in mind that if they are dirty, the air quality in your house will suffer. Cleaning them will improve airflow. It also improves the furnace’s efficiency. Remember that if the filters are dirty, they reduce airflow through the system. As a result, the system will overheat and may shut off quickly. By cleaning the filter regularly, it can improve the efficiency of your furnace. It also extends the life of your system. 

One of the reasons the HVAC system breaks down is a dirty filter. The reason for this is that a dirty filter forces your system to work harder. As a result, it will overheat. Cleaning the filters may also lower your energy cost. The heating system uses more energy. Thus, it costs more money to power it on. It makes up around 42% of your utility bill. Now, if the filter is clogged, it will work harder causing your utility bill to go up. By cleaning the filter, the system will run more efficiently, keeping your energy cost down. If you change the filter regularly, you can save up to 15% on your utility bills. 

Apart from changing the filters, you also need to replace them when necessary. If you call an HVAC technician for regular maintenance, he can change the filters during the maintenance work. 


In addition to cleaning and replacing your filters regularly, you should also install blinds, shades, or drapes in your windows. Doing so can significantly affect the comfort level of your house. Window coverings will not only give you a comfortable temperature but also improve your energy efficiency. You should also avoid placing electronic equipment near your thermostat. The reason for this is that type of equipment produces a lot of heat, thereby, affecting your overall comfort. In that case, you must avoid placing your TV and computer near your thermostat. 

Air and Heat in Burbank


Although the tips above are useful in giving your house a balanced air, you must still get expert advice. Call a central air and heat in Burbank to talk to a technician who can give you a customized recommendation regarding air balancing. Dial (818) 214-8525.