air conditioning in Burbank

Air Conditioning in Burbank Company to Audit Indoor Air Quality

Low indoor quality can affect your overall health. It can even cause a lot of health problems. For that reason, it’s vital to monitor your indoor air issues. Call our company that specializes in the repair of air conditioning in Burbank to help audit it. And if we find any air quality issues, our team will fix them ASAP. 


air conditioning in Burbank

Air Conditioning in Burbank to Improve Your Comfort and Safety 

It can be challenging to know the status of your indoor air quality. Keep in mind that you can’t see airborne contaminants. The only way to know whether or not you have terrible indoor air quality is to experience any symptoms. For instance, you always have a headache, or you’re dizzy every time you get inside your house. If you don’t fix it, molds can start to grow, which also causes many unwanted consequences. Hire our AC Burbank team to check your indoor air quality. We will conduct a comprehensive air quality audit to find any potential areas that you may consider addressing. 


High Humidity 

Indeed, the temperatures in the fall start to cool down. Burbank has a humid climate. If there’s too much moisture inside your house, it can encourage mold to grow. It will result in a lot of respiratory issues. There are several ways to lower the moisture content in your house. One way is to use an exhaust fan. Then, when you shower, open the windows to allow the steam to get out. You may also consider investing in a whole-home humidifier. It’s an ideal tool that can help in managing humidity levels. 


Cleaning Air Filters

Your AC unit has air filters that can remove particulates and contaminants. They also eliminate any allergen from the air. A high-quality filter is necessary to prevent your HVAC unit from overworking. Remember that the role of a home filter is to trap particles that can activate seasonal allergies. We recommend changing the filters every three months, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation. But we suggest cleaning the filters every month or week. 


Does the Indoor Temperature Fluctuate? 

In the fall, temperatures can be unpredictable. It can be cold in the morning but sunny in the afternoon. You may be using a manual thermostat. However, it can give you accurate heating or cooling temperature. For that reason, you may consider getting a smart thermostat. It’s an efficient solution that lets you set different temperatures throughout the day. It can also remember your setting, so it adjusts the temperature automatically. When we perform an indoor air quality audit, we test all areas in your house for humidity, carbon dioxide, particulates, and many others. Our team will test your house for dust and allergens. Once we complete a thorough audit, we will tell you the issues and how we can fix them. We don’t only repair air conditioning in Burbank, but we also install many air quality products. These would include dehumidifiers, air purification systems, air filtration, and many others. If you wish to request an audit for your air conditioning in Burbank, please call us at (818) 214-8525 for a free estimate.