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The Right Central Air and Heat in Burbank

Central air and heat in Burbank becomes a necessity, especially in the summer. It provides relief from the extreme heat and humidity of summer. The good thing is that homeowners can have a variety of options today.

Regardless of the type of air conditioning you choose, this unit is part of the complex system in your house. As a homeowner in Burbank with central air and heat, you need to know how to maintain this system. However, if you do not have a central air and heat system yet, it is not yet too late. Before the summer begins, make sure to have it installed by our technicians.

What Type of Unit to Get?

You may think of the unit that you find on the Internet or the first machine that you see in a hardware store. However, not all units are designed for every home.
When finding the perfect unit, you need to consider the size of your house. Then, take into account your budget and the number of units you wish to install throughout your house. There are several options you can choose from.

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Split Type

In this system, the unit has both a hot coil and cold coil. They are divided into different units. The hot side unit is the condensing section. Then, the cool side is where the evaporator is found. The cool side of the unit includes the cold coil and a blower. This side is responsible for giving you cool air throughout your house. You can control the temperature for every room by opening and closing the vents.

Window Type

This type of air conditioning is typically seen in an old building or older home. It is used to cool smaller areas. It is not always the favorite choice if you have a huge house. One of the reasons is that you will need several of it to cool the entire house. Furthermore, the cost of operating and installing it can be expensive. Furthermore, it needs an additional brace to let it hang outside safely.


In recent years, portable AC units become increasingly popular. It is true that this unit can only cool a small area, it keeps that space cool.

Central Air

This unit utilizes ducts to give you cool and warm air throughout the home. It brings in fresh air to prevent room temperature change. It is the most popular unit in many houses in Burbank because of its effectiveness. If your house gets retrofitted, the cost of installing this unit can get pricey. Then again, the savings in efficiency will offset the installation costs in the long run. Among the many types of air conditioning, the central air and split are the most expensive. However, they work efficiently, thereby, giving you savings in your energy bill.

If you have trouble finding the right central air and heat in Burbank, make sure to call our experts. Our services do not only include installation but also repair of HVAC, air conditioning and heating. To get a free estimate, contact our team today at (818) 214-8525.