Central Air and Heat in Burbank

Maximize the Savings of Your Central Air and Heat in Burbank

When you think about all the monthly expenses you have for your home, you may realize that a large portion of your expenses each month are related to the use of your heating and cooling systems throughout the year. It is likely that one of these systems is in use almost daily in your home over the year and each can contribute a great deal to your utility bills each month. What you may not realize is that there are ways that you can see better savings on your bills, so you do not spend nearly as much. You can maximize the savings you see from your central air and heat in Burbank if you know just what to do.

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats are all the rage right now and for good reasons. Homes that are equipped with the older style thermostats that you need to control manually are highly inefficient today. They often do not properly read and regulate the temperatures of the area, causing you to waste energy and dollars. If you invest in programmable thermostats, you can set the temperatures for the zones in your home to be the way you want them all the time, so your heating and cooling systems operate more efficiently. This can help to save you a great deal of money as they keep a constant temperature and the systems are not going on and off all the time.

Regular Maintenance

Your central air and heat in Burbank will be at their best if you have regular maintenance performed on them. It is important that you have a professional service like ours at American Clean Air and Heating come in once or twice a year to look over your heating and cooling systems. We can check everything over for you, give your system a tune-up or replace worn parts and catch any potential problem areas that may exist before they develop into larger issues for you. Our maintenance can help to ward off expensive repairs and keep everything working well, saving you more money.

Get Your System Checked Today

There is never a wrong time to get your central air and heat in Burbank looked at checked for maintenance and service. You can give us a call at American Clean Air and Heating at 818-406-6000 to schedule an appointment with our office so we can come out, look your system over and let you know what we can do for you to help you save money on your cooling and heating bills.