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AC Installer in Burbank: Room Requirements to Install the AC

Surviving the summer can be difficult without an air conditioning unit at home. But before you make haste into buying an AC, make sure to contact our AC installer in Burbank first. 


Keep in mind that air conditioners have room requirements before they can function well. If you ignore these requirements, the AC that you purchase would not give you adequate cool air. 


Meeting the Requirements of AC Installer in Burbank

To ensure that the AC will provide cool air in the room where you install it, make sure that the room meets the AC installation requirements. 


Generally, the room has to have airtight space. The doors and windows must be functioning properly to prevent cool air from leaking. 


Furthermore, the room has to be dust-free. In this way, the filters won’t get dirty quickly that can greatly affect the performance of the AC. 


Then, the room must have enough power supply. Otherwise, the AC won’t turn on. 


The indoor AC unit should have a damp-free surface. It has to be sturdy to handle the weight of the indoor unit. 


The wall where the indoor AC is to be mounted must be at least 6-inch thick. Or you may install a thick plywood panel to support the unit. 


The room must have provision to drain condensed water. 


When you work with our AC installer, he can investigate further and find out if the room where you want to install the AC meets the requirements. 


Our AC technician will determine if the room has a free space of 125 mm from the side of the indoor unit. This is necessary. Otherwise, the unit won’t give you enough cool air. 


The Outdoor AC Unit 

Modern air conditioning units have outdoor parts. An outdoor unit must be installed in a place where it can easily release heat into the air. Our AC installer may suggest installing it on your terrace if you have one. 


It’s highly recommended that the outdoor unit must be installed in a place where it’s not directly exposed to the sun. However, it must be accessible for technicians during the maintenance period. 


There are other specific requirements that our AC installer can tell you during the inspection.

AC Installer in Burbank

The Size of the AC

You must purchase the right size AC. Even if you meet the room requirements but you fail to purchase the right size, the AC unit still won’t give you enough cool air. 


When determining the right size, you should consider how much cooling or heating you need. For instance, you must consider the number of floors in your house and the insulation level in your building. 


It can be daunting to evaluate them all. That’s why you should consult our trained team of experts to help you out. They can suggest the right size based on the room where you install the AC. 

Our AC installer in Burbank can help you avoid buying too small or too big ACs. Contact our team today to schedule a consultation or get a free estimate: 818-214-8525.